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"I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the class….I have felt better ever since. Thanks for teaching such a remarkable technique!"

     — Henrietta N.

"I feel lighter and more in my body after class. It carries over into my week. There’s more calm and ease."

        — Jeannine M.

"Just wanted to say your classes and teaching are consistently excellent! I always leave having learned something and gained greater awareness."

     — Susan M.


"My pain and stiffness were gone after the first lesson, and through the week, I could bend over to pick up things off the floor." — Donna G.



"Thank you for today’s amazing class…and for helping me find ever better levels in the practice. It was hard not to do a happy dance! And I love the way certain poses take you by surprise. It is truly joyous!" — Kate L.



"Thank you for a remarkable session. I did not realize how tight my neck was. I can see over my shoulder very well. Since doing the Leg Lifts my performance as a cyclist is vastly improved." — Tyler P.



"I am learning so much from you on a really deep level. I can't even put it into words except that my heart recognizes that you have been placed in my life to acquire a depth — an understanding — of concepts about being comfortable with myself. Your class last night was an incredible lesson. You are truly all about 'rest in yourself'." — Krystal F.




"After class, I love when the next day I can recall that same opening I had gotten the night before. Just now I stopped working, closed my eyes and got that same feeling I got last night from our supported Dhanurasana Leg. The body remembers!" — Susan S.



"I slept so deeply last night and woke up with such a profound awareness of peace in my self.


Here are a few more changes I have noticed participating in the Deeper class:

  • Greater awareness of subtle changes in my body and movement of energy during poses

  • Experience the poses as a continuous unfolding rather than I finally "got it right” this time

  • Increased awareness of my Self beyond the boundaries of my physical body

  • Experiencing myself and others as numinous

  • Awareness of more bliss, more of the time, and also experiencing bliss as more awareness of Self


When I am outside of class:

  • Reading my morning and evening meditation, I understand it on a profound level beyond my intellect. 

  • Frequently am aware of understanding and accepting the complexity of situations and the most compassionate response

  • Pausing frequently to breathe, pray, contemplate...sometimes do a few tail bone poses to release and open my self up

  • When I am upset and distressed I am able to be more loving toward myself and it resolves more quickly.

  • My dreaming is sometimes very lucid and I burn through deep pain and suffering as well as receive wisdom from those who have gone on to another life.

  • Will do almost anything not to miss doing my home practice or get to class

  • I have frequent telepathic experiences with people I love...particularly when they most need my love and support.


Thank you again for supporting me in the practice of Svaroopa...for being a steadfast reminder of the bliss of my own being." — Carmel R.



“Following a herniated disc, the practice of gentle release supported by blankets helped me heal and eased my fear that I was going to have to live with back pain,compromise favorite leisure activities such as backpacking, or entertain the idea of surgery. Deborah’s keen eye, profound wisdom and patience have changed my approach to asanas forever.” — Lori L.


“Good news, I did the entire show this past weekend lifting, lugging, standing, and needed not one single pain med. I felt great!” — Adele C.


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