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Yoga Classes

"Every pose integrates the foundational principles of asana, anatomy, and yoga philosophy….This is a consciousness-oriented yoga that promotes heal- ing and transformation."

– Yoga Journal


Classes run in 8-week sessions;

you can join at anytime!


Continuing Level Yoga Class  9:30-11 am,

     90 minutes, via Zoom 


Beginning Level Yoga Class   4:30-5:30 pm, 

     60 minutes, in person


Continuing Level Yoga Class  6:30-8 pm,

     90 minutes, in person   

Suitable for all levels of fitness. The yoga meets your body right where it is. 


60-minute class, $80 for an 8-week series; $20 drop in

90-minute classes: $120 for an 8-week series; $20 drop in 

To register or for more information, call or text Deborah at 804.338.1105.


The Zoom class features yoga therapeutics poses especially suited for the online experience, placing your body in precise alignments for deep releases. You'll get the benefits of a private yoga therapy session in a 90-minute yoga class! 


The in-person, 60-minute Beginning class features poses taught in different themes, addressing lower and upper spinal release, forward bends, backbends, abdominals, standing balance poses, neck and shoulders, and twists. You will receive alignments and adjustments to enhance your release in a pose. 


The in-person, 90-minute Continuing class features a longer period in Ujjayi, an easy breathing practice, and poses that open you to deeper releases that your body can sustain at this level. 

You will experience a range of deeper and therapeutics poses, 

along with alignments and adjustments to enhance your releases. 

“The practice of yoga is…to become established in the state of freedom.”

—Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.13


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