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Frequently Asked Questions

Svaroopa® yoga is dramatically different in that it releases core muscles along the spine, from the tailbone through the sacrum, waist, rib cage and into the shoulders and neck. The release of deep layers of tension in the body improves the functioning of all the body’s systems, and creates flexibility, strength and stamina. Your aches and pains begin to dissolve with each pose. It also quiets the mind, allowing you to rest in your essential nature, which is a steady state of ease and clarity. This is a very healing style of yoga, and even if you only practice once or twice a week, its profound benefits are long lasting.


How does this style of yoga compare to other styles of yoga?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, such as sweats, leggings, biking shorts, t-shirts and sweat shirts. Layers are recommended as the room temperature can be variable. Please do not wear any scents, perfume, etc., as some students are allergic to these. Thank you.


What should I wear for class or a private session?

Just bring you! The blankets and props are provided.


Up to 8 students are accepted into each class, to ensure personal assistance in the alignments and propping of the poses. The classes, at the Beginning and Continuing levels, are 90-minutes long. They begin and end with a deep relaxation called Shavasana, and, in between, sequences of poses to release core muscles along the spine.




No. There are no headstands or “pretzel” poses in Svaroopa® yoga. The yoga meets you where you are in your body. Bodies of all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness are welcome in class. Participation in class will increase your flexibility, strength, stamina and awareness. Svaroopa® yoga is non-competitive. Props are used to make each pose comfortable and accessible to all students. When needed, an alternate pose will be recommended to facilitate more release.

How large are the classes, and how long do they run?

What should I bring to class with me?

Do I have to be “in shape” to participate in the classes?

You will be most comfortable eating a light meal a couple of hours before class or a private therapy session. Avoid eating a heavy meal—it will interfere with your ability to be in the poses with awareness and ease.

Is it okay to eat before coming to class?

You can begin at any time. The Beginning and Continuing classes are ongoing. The teacher gives full instructions for all of the poses, which allows you to easily follow the progression through class.

When can I start taking classes?

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