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About Svaroopa® Yoga

Achy, tired, stressed, in pain? 


This is not who you really are.


Easy in your Bones is dedicated to the practice of Svaroopa® yoga, a practice for restoring and supporting the body, mind and spirit.


Svaroopa® yoga is a subtle, gentle and deeply powerful practice in the tradition of Hatha yoga. It releases core muscles along the spine, beginning at the tailbone. The release of deep layers of tension in the body improves the functioning of all the body’s systems. It creates flexibility, strength and stamina. Your aches and pains begin to dissolve with each pose.


The practice also quiets the mind, allowing you to rest in your essential nature (svaroopa), which is a steady state of ease and clarity. This is a restorative and transformative style of yoga, and its effects are long lasting.


Experience Svaroopa® yoga for yourself, and in it, yoga’s promise—that as your mind becomes still, you live more fully in your self and in the present moment.


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