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Where does the word “svaroopa” come from? It comes from an ancient yoga sutra, written in Sanskrit, and it means "your essential nature," the bliss of your own Being.

​It'’s time to take care of yourself.

Experience the deep, lasting benefits of Svaroopa® yoga—practical, well-suited to today’s challenges as you improve your overall fitness and well being.


With Svaroopa® yoga, you can:

  • Gain physical and mental calm, strength and stamina

  • Improve balance and flexibility

  • Increase energy, vitality and clarity

  • Relieve aches and pains of injuries and chronic conditions


Experience Svaroopa® yoga through a variety of offerings:

  • Yoga Classes

  • Yoga Workshops

  • Private Yoga Instruction

  • Embodyment® Yoga Therapy

  • Learn to Meditate Classes

  • Gift Certificates


In each 90-minute class, you will experience:

  • Poses that release deep layers of tension in the muscles along the spine

  • Breathing practice and deep relaxation that enhances health

  • Personal assistance to maximize benefits

  • Anatomy, physiology and yoga philosophy teachings

  • Support and encouragement in learning a simple, effective home practice

  • A way to look and feel better, from the inside, out!

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