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Resources to Support and Deepen Your Practice 

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Free Online LibrarySwami Nirmalananda offers a treasure trove of written articles, recorded teachings and resources from the Ashram's free online library.  Click here, and go to "Freebies" on the home page.

Asana and Meditation Books and CDsThere are so many!  On the home page of, click on "Shop."


  • Yoga: Embodied SpiritualityNavigating the Inner Quest for WholenessSwamiji's latest volume of contemplation articles on the state, practice and experience of yoga. 

  • Magic Four Handout, a guide to four simple, easy Svaroopa® foundational poses.

  • Pose Instruction Cards, Svaroopa® Yoga Basics (the orange cards).

  • Pose Cards, Daily Practice Instructions (the blue cards).

  • "Experience Shavasana," CD recording of a long and a short Guided Awareness.

  • "Meditation Deep & Easy," CD recording of Svaroopa Vidya Meditation, guided by Swami Nirmalananda. 

  • "Honored Guru Gita," CD recording of the Sri Guru Gita, by Swami Nirmalananda. 

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