Embodyment® Yoga Therapy

Embodyment and Yoga Therapy can:

  • alleviate chronic conditions and injuries of the back, neck and shoulders, and knees, including stenosis, herniated or compressed discs,sciatic and frozen joints

  • restore normal blood pressure

  • relieve digestive and intestinal problems

  • increase immune function

  • boost the lymphatic system

  • reduce anxiety and stress

  • support recovery from cancer, heart attack and stroke

“Next come the breathing exercises…which increase life energy.”

—Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 2.49


In an Embodyment® yoga therapy session, the therapist places hands on specific areas of the spine as you rest fully supported in Shavasana, yoga’s relaxation pose. Embodyment® yoga therapy releases tensions in the core of the muscular structure, creating a deeply restorative state that reaches beyond the scope of the yoga poses.


Based on the principles of Svaroopa® yoga, this gentle, powerful therapy is well-suited to those with injuries or chronic pain, and for those in good health who want to take the next step toward optimum well-being.


Depending on your condition, the therapy sessions may combine coaching in yogic breathing; receiving specific adjustments in well-aligned and fully supported yoga poses; and lying in the deeply restorative Shavasana pose to receive Embodyment® yoga therapy. For those with injuries or chronic conditions, these sessions can provide relief from pain and speed healing. For those in good health, the therapy moves the body from tension into its essential nature of ease and clarity, and into deepening experiences of these states.  The use of propping and support allows you to rest in a deep state of awareness, as the mind/body’s inherent healing capacity is restored and enhanced.

While I no longer offer Embodyment sessions, there are two highly gifted and skilled Svaroopa therapists nearby that do:

Lisha Reynolds, Bliss Yoga RVA, blissyogarva@gmail.com, 804.873.4711

Barbara Hess, yogibarb3@gmail.com, 804.387.0135


Here’s how you can best experience the effect of Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy:


Tighten your fist, and hold it as tight as you can for 90 seconds. Then, slowly release your hold and begin to open your fist. Most often, the fingers are locked in a cramp. It takes a while for blood to flow back into the hand, and for normal function and movement to be restored.


Like a tightly held fist, a tense core muscle in the body constricts the tissues, nerves, arteries, veins and organs wrapped within it. Where this compression occurs, the underlying bone is also cut off from nutrients and begins to become stiff and brittle.


Most of us live in patterns of stress, anxiety, fear and anger that cause the body to hold the breath and habitually tighten and compress. We exercise in ways that repeatedly tighten the muscles, so the body becomes weakened from too much constriction, especially in the back, neck and joints.


Svaroopa® yoga works from the tailbone, as the pivot point of the body, releasing major muscle groups that connect at the tailbone and extend through the torso. When the deep, core muscles that attach to the spine release, the body begins to open and become easeful. The tissues, nerves, arteries, veins, organs and bones wrapped within the muscles also begin to return to more normal functioning. The body’s systems—respiration, circulation, digestion and elimination—find their natural balance and improve.


In Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy, the therapist works with each client in carefully selected poses and precise alignments to move the body to a sustained level of health. In many cases, clients are able to reduce or stop taking medications, and alleviate deteriorating conditions that might otherwise require invasive treatment or surgery.